Boston Swing Central is a volunteer-run organization of people who live and breath swing dance. In addition to our Board Members and Staff, BSC has the help of many great Volunteers, Angels, Instructors, Bands, and DJs!


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Natalie Eringros – President,

Mike Hibarger – Vice President,

Christal Lloyd – Treasurer,

Wayne Miller – Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator,

Brian KC – Board Member 


Elisabeth Sepulveda – Marketing Manager



Jean Budrow

Robin Mailhot

Anne Orens

Heron Russell

Betty Stone



Bill Hanley

Megan Jones

Vinay Rodriguez

Jason Blankenship

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Mike Hibarger – Vice President

Mike & Frankie

Mike has been dancing in Boston since forever.   He is responsible for the sound and books all the bands and DJs for Boston Swing Central’s awesome Friday night dances.  Over the years, he has also coordinated Swingin’ on the Charles and Roaring Twenties Lawn Party.  He has also DJed at many exchanges and camps outside of Boston, including Connecticut, New York and Montreal.  Mike hopes you enjoy dancing to the music he plays and he really loves it when people come up and ask, “what’s that song?” because they have to get the track for themselves….and in case you’re wondering who that is that he’s standing next to in this picture, it’s the late great, wonderful human being and Lindy Hop pioneer, Frankie Manning.

Email him at

Natalie Eringros – President

Natalie has always been drawn to arts, music and movement. She dabbled in folk, contra, ballet and ballroom dance, before discovering the Lindy Hop in 2009. This revelation has blossomed into a full-on dance addiction.

Natalie enjoys performing, competing and traveling to events all over the world. She holds several titles.  But her proudest achievements are being a big part of Boston Swing Central, organizing dance events, teaching, inspiring and supporting a wonderful family of dancers.  She is known for her energy, playfulness and joyful expression. Natalie believes in making every dance unique to each partner and music, and in creating an authentic dance conversation full of fun and happiness.

Email her at

Wayne Miller – Volunteer Coordinator

5646Wayne started swing dancing in the 90’s after watching an old VHS cassette of Swingers one too many times.  After spending a number of years dabbling in dance, he found himself sucked in to Boston Swing Central by the extra-friendly people and pure fun.  Wayne’s philosophy of dance is that dancing is the most natural expression of joy, and as long as you and your partner are happy, you’re doing it right.

In addition to dancing, Wayne has a deep love of origami and jazz music.  If you see him at a dance, ask him to make you a crane, or ask him the difference between sweet, hot, and jump music.  You will make his day.