Jan 5

Mike Hibarger – Vice President

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Mike & Frankie

Mike has been dancing in Boston since forever.   He is responsible for the sound and books all the bands and DJs for Boston Swing Central’s awesome Friday night dances.  Over the years, he has also coordinated Swingin’ on the Charles and Roaring Twenties Lawn Party.  He has also DJed at many exchanges and camps outside of Boston, including Connecticut, New York and Montreal.  Mike hopes you enjoy dancing to the music he plays and he really loves it when people come up and ask, “what’s that song?” because they have to get the track for themselves….and in case you’re wondering who that is that he’s standing next to in this picture, it’s the late great, wonderful human being and Lindy Hop pioneer, Frankie Manning.

Email him at mike@bostonswingcentral.org

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