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In addition to Friday Night’s Lesson, Swing Boot Camp and Lindy Mojo, there are many other places to learn how to swing dance.  We recommend taking any local or regional workshops that are available throughout the year.  These workshops include our own Kind of a Big Deal Weekend, which takes place every  year towards the end of January.  We also recommend the Skye and Sylvia Weekend hosted by Hop to the Beat in November.  And just to the south of us in Providence, they host Dirty Dozen Weekend every year which features some excellent teachers.  Subscribe to our weekly email to hear about these and other events as they arise.

In addition to those weekends, there are several amazing Swing Dance Camps in the area.  Beantown Camp is run by Hop to the Beat and is every Summer just before the 4th of July at Endicott College up in Beverly.   And Swing Out New Hampshire occurs over Labor Day weekend.  Both of these camps feature an excellent staff of teachers and bands, and you get to totally immerse yourself in the Lindy Hop.   For almost a week all you will do is dance, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat!  So much fun!!  We’re getting excited for camp just thinking about  it.