Show Your Appreciation:

Don’t forget to show your appreciation for the band.   Enthusiasm is infectious and is encouraged!  If you feel like letting out a “whoop!”  Please do so!  Don’t contain your excitement for the music!  Give them positive feedback by clapping and cheering after a song ends.   The more positive feedback a band gets, the more likely the band will rise to the occasion and make the energy in the room that much more intense.

If you feel so inclined, join other dancers when they rush the stage and start clapping and stomping off for the band.  This organically occurs once in a while at Boston Swing Central when a band is really connecting with the dancers.   Dancers gather in front of the band and start clapping, stomping and cheering.  This is a tribute to the band and the dancers way of saying “THANK YOU!!  YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!”  So stop dancing when that happens and join in.

Support your bands:

This happens all the time: somebody gives you a collection of mp3s that include living musicians such as Gordon Webster, Carsie Blanton, or Falty & the Defects.  If you like these bands, listen to them often and you got their music for free (or perhaps you listen to them on Spotify), please consider supporting them by purchasing their CDs or downloading their mp3s from CD Baby, Amazon, etc.  Many of these musicians make their living making music.  Some of them have to supplement their income by teaching, working at a bar, etc.  Support the musicians you love so they can afford to focus on their music and be great!