Friday Night: Boston Swing Central typically hosts a swing dance with a lesson nearly every Friday Night. For a schedule of the bands and DJs click on the News tab of this webpage.  (During this pandemic we have an ad hoc schedule with many nights moved to Saturdays, we apologize for this change, but we’re finding our way slowly back, hopefully in 2022, we will be able to get some semblance of normalcy, please bear with us, and happy dancing!  We’re at least partially back, for right now).

Lesson: This dance starts with a lesson from 8-9 PM and is catered to those with little or no experience. No partner is required. The lesson will hopefully give you enough swing dancing skills to have fun during the open social dancing that follows the lesson.

We teach a beginner-friendly swing lesson for this introduction to swing dancing. We hire a wide variety of teachers for this lesson, and they may chose to teach this in a variety of different ways. In much the same way that an array of math teachers would have different approaches for helping you through geometry or algebra.

Social dancing: Open social dancing can be intimidating, thrilling, scary and fun all at the same time. Boston Swing Central provides a safe space for social dancing to occur. Please see our Code of Conduct page under about for more on how to conduct yourself at our dance. There is also a guide to Social Dance Etiquette under the FAQ tab. Have fun, enjoy yourself, ask people to dance, accept a dance when asked. Be respectful of all who dance.

Exceptions: we are closed sometimes during the Fridays around Christmas and New Year’s. We change the venue for the Friday dance once or twice during the year for Kind of a Big Deal Weekend (which is at the end of January, see for the exact date) and we also move the dance for Dirty Water Lindy & Blues (which is at the end of September, see for the exact date).  We do this to accommodate more people during these events where dancers from out-of-town join us for a weekend filled with dancing.