Feb 19

I >heart< Swing with the Easy Winners

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Boston Swing Central is excited to return with our Valentines-themed dance featuring live music by the Easy Winners! As in previous years, this dance will feature our custom-designed Valentines and dancing Cupids to deliver them. Dress to impress in red and pink, and prepare for a night of dancing and valentines fun!

Please remember to review our COVID safety and vaccination requirements (below) to ensure that you are able to attend the dance.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED, very very small number of tickets will be available at the door, there may be additional tickets available for people arriving at around 10pm. Get there really early or late (around 10, 10:30pm).

To register in advance, visit the following page: February Dance RegistrationFacebook event here: “I <3 Swing” Dance
Note that it has been a hard month for our host dance venue, Q Ballroom, as they’re missing the revenue from our rentals in addition to an increase in rent. We will be donating all proceeds from this dance to the studio. If you are able, you can donate via BSC here: paypal.me/bostonswingcentral(Note that this may be tax-deductible, as Boston Swing Central is a 501(c)3 non-profit).

COVID Safety and Vaccination Reminders:

  1. We now require a booster shot of either Pfizer or Moderna for all dance attendees. If you have not yet received a booster or are not eligible, we will require that your last shot be within 7 months of the date of the dance you are attending (for Pfizer or Moderna), and 3 months for a single shot of J&J.
  2. We now require a KN95, N95 or KF94 mask with a better seal for all attendees. Cloth masks, gaiters, etc. will not meet our masking requirements.
  3. We request that all attendees plan accordingly before attending the dance. Out of consideration for all of our dance attendees, we ask that you plan to distance from social interaction with large crowds and unmasked individuals for 3-4 days before the dance, with a goal of avoiding inadvertent spread to our community. While we cannot enforce this, we consider it an honor system, knowing that this will allow us to continue running dances without putting our community members at greater risk.
  4. We will space our dances out to help us catch outbreaks and will notify all attendees through email, should anyone in attendance test positive for COVID. We have been doing this throughout the fall, and have been able to notify attendees in a timely manner so that they can quarantine as needed.

While these are challenging times, our hope is that this thoughtful collaboration and consideration within our dance community will allow us to continue hosting dances as we adjust to new COVID waves and restrictions.

Advanced Beginner Lesson: 7pm-8pm

Beginner Lesson 8pm-9pm

Social Dancing 9pm-midnight

Q Ballroom

26 New St

Cambridge, MA 02138

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