Sep 24

Dirty Water “Friday” – Late Night (Blues)

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Get your blues on late into the night with DJs Paul Loschak, Tanya Teal and Steven York!

Paul Loschak (known as “DJ Loveschak” at some of the weekly Boston dances) has been dancing lindy and blues since 2009. He made his DJ debut at the MIT Lindy Hop Society in 2011, and he has been working hard to hone his craft ever since. Paul calls on the talents of the best artists from the swing era and authentic swing jazz bands that are currently active today (with current favorites Chick Webb, Andy Kirk, Mezz Mezzrow, and The Boilermaker Jazz Band). Whether it’s your first night swinging out or you’re a seasoned lindy hopping pro, with Paul in the DJ booth you can expect to find exuberance, playfulness, and expression in your dancing.

Tanya Teal got involved with lindy hop and blues as a university student in Montreal, quickly becoming entrenched in the social dance culture and the history of blues and jazz. Her thirst for music led her to start DJing, first on a monthly basis, but quickly exploding into weekly escapades that involved studios, bars, house parties, workshops, exchanges, car rides, outdoors, and late nights. Her electrifying sets have earned her the nickname of “DJ Thunder Teal”. As a social dancer, competitor, and teacher, Tanya tries to stay true to the roots of the dances, and as DJ, she tries to inspire people to discover those roots and authentic jazz and blues movement through the music that she plays. From slow and sultry to fast and fun, from the classic savoy ballroom to the gritty juke joints of Chicago, Tanya brings dancers on a journey at every dance.

Stephen York – There are times he has been seen stalking across the MIT campus, his mutterings circling back and again to rhythm, to structure, to any element he can use to link his obsession back to his shivering
reality. He has heard the world and the smallest bit of what it offers. His search for more, for anything else he was able to gather in his flashbulb glimpse has brought him to lead others. Those who follow him through the murky streets of Boston seek to glean whatever ghostly tones he will drop in his wake like hard candy: enough to keep them near, never enough to satisfy or surpass…


Social Dancing: 1:00am – 4:00am
General Admission: $20

Central Rock Gym – Yoga Studio
74 Acton St
Watertown, MA 02472

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