Jan 28

Are you Kind of Big Deal?

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We’ve noticed you noticing us noticing you on the dance floor. We think you have that special, how do you say it, “je ne sais quoi”…you look pretty good…now is your chance to really show us how good you are…sign up for the Jack & Jill competitions and show us that you are Kind of Big Deal.

There will be two categories you can register for…

Open Jack & Jill – If you feel like you’re Kinda (sorta) a Big Deal, sign up for this.

Advanced Jack & Jill – If you think you’re Kind of Big Deal (for reals), sign up for this.

Never been in a Jack & Jill competition before?

Dancers enter these competitions as individuals and are paired randomly. The idea is that this highlights the best social dancing skills and spontaneous improvisations due to the unexpected partner and music. These are the skills we value the most, and what makes us love this dance so much!

This will be the first BSC related competition and we’re really excited as they should be super fun, and as can tell, we’re not taking ourselves too seriously, neither should you. Just relax, do your best to rock it out, have fun with it, we’ll all be clapping for you!

Preliminaries will held during the set breaks of the Friday night dance and the Finals will be Saturday night also during the set breaks.  The first preliminary will be for the Open Jack & Jill which take place during the first band break around 10:15-10:30pm on Friday night.  The prelim for the Advanced Jack & Jill will take place during the 2nd band break about 11:30-11:45pm (times may slide depending upon the sets that Gordon has planned and the length of the first break, etc.)

This schedule will repeat itself for the finals on Saturday night.  We will have an awards ceremony on Saturday night during the final band break, probably around 12:30am.  We’ve got some great prizes to accompany some very stylish trophies, winners will also be given passes to Lindy 500 weekend in Baltimore, Dirty Dozen weekend in Providence, Snowbound Blues in Rochester, Discount coupon for Beantown Dance Camp and Dirty Water Lindy & Blues Exchange right here in Boston next September.

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