Oct 15

The Sweet & Low Down and Bring a Friend Get in Free Promotion

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If you have not yet heard the Sweet & Low Down, you are in for a treat, and if you have heard them, then you know how great they are. The harmonies of Miss Tess and Rachel Price are the “Sweet” part and the rhythm section brings the “Low Down”. A mixture of blues and swing that is simply intoxicating.

And if that weren’t enough, we’re bringing back our “Bring a Friend, Get in FREE” Promotion.  This was popular earlier this spring, and we want to see what you guys can do this fall.  See qualifying details below.  Why are we doing this?  Because most people hear about us through a friend.  And we know how hard it is to get your friends on the dance floor – we’ve all been there.  So for those of you that can weed through all of those excuses and get someone new to our dance, you’re finally getting rewarded! 

Promotion Qualifying Details:

1)      In order to get free admission when bringing a friend, you (the dancer) needs to have attended at least one BSC Dance prior to October 15, 2010.  Your friend must have NEVER, EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE been to a BSC dance.  How will we know?  Oh, we’ll know!

2)      You must get there with your friend BEFORE 8:20PM so they can take our beginning lesson that starts at 8PM.

3)      If you bring a friend and you have also NEVER been to our dance, you DO NOT qualify for the discount.

4)      The person must be your friend and of the homo sapiens.  Imaginary friends, Lassie, ET, pet rocks, etc. do not qualify.

5)      You must mention this promotion at the door when paying admission to receive it.  You can’t come back later and ask for it if you forget (if ya snooze, ya lose).

6)      Who gets in free?  Well that’s up to you…and how good of a friend you are.  Show up with a friend and only one admission has to be paid (buy one, get one free).  How you settle up is at your discretion, but please resolve any disputes by peaceful means (i.e. thumb wrestling, drawing straws, and dance offs).

7)      May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts(i.e. get in free or half off coupons/passes, discounts received for angeling or DJ’ing, etc.  Board Members do not qualify.)

8)      If you get caught gaming the system, you may be subject to the consequences thought up on the spot by BSC staff.  May include but are not limited to the following activities with your new “friend”:  wearing matching ski sweaters throughout the entire dance,  doing a Charleston duet to “You Can’t Touch This” to be posted on YouTube, dancing in your bare feet.

New people coming by yourselves or with other people are still of course welcome!  And what a great night to come out with lots of other new people.  We’re sorry you won’t qualify this time, but if we run this again in the coming months, and you attend our event this Friday, you will qualify for next time!  

Lesson (included in the price of admission): 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Dancing: 9:00pm – 12:00am
General Admission: $15
Students and Seniors (with Valid ID): $13

The Crosby Whistle Stop
24 Roland Street
Charlestown, MA 02129

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