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NEW Beginning and Intermediate Lesson Series – Starts Tuesday, July 6th!

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New School Swing is starting both beginning and intermediate lessons at the Whistle Stop! And we’ve really been looking forward to this!  This your  chance to work on your dance!   So, if you’re new, start with the Beginning lesson, and if you’ve been around a while, we highly recommend checking out Shawn & Gina’s “New Moves” class….check out Gina’s dancing here: Gina & Brooks at ILHC, that stuff is DOPE folks!  We all want to aspire to dance as well as Gina and Shawn!
After the lessons, we’ll have our open practice session so you can work on your new stuff. Check out http://newschoolswing.com for pricing details, and sign up online for a discount! Check out this month’s offerings:

Intermediate 7-8PM– New Moves with Shawn Hershey and Gina Helfrich

Join us for another fun, fast-paced, four-week session of intermediate Lindy Hop. This class will focus on adding style and variety to your basics, improving your technique, and building your vocabulary to make you shine on the dance floor.


Beginning 8-9M – Lindy Hop Basics and Fundamentals (6 count) Nichole Zuckerman and Joe Rabinoff


Whether you are brand-new to swing dancing or would like to refine your Lindy Hop technique, this is the class for you. We’ll focus on basic 6-count Lindy Hop moves for the brand-new dancers, but concentrate on good technique and connection. This class is one step in our two-step beginner track. Both the 6-Count and 8-Count Lindy Hop Basics and Fundamentals Classes are pre-requisites for our intermediate classes. Either beginner class may be taken first.


Open Practice Session: 9 to 11pm for $3. Teachers will stay after lessons to provide specific help/answer questions.

The Crosby Whistle Stop

24 Roland Street
Charlestown, MA 02129


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