May 10

An important note for all dancers

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A fragrance-reduced environment helps create a safe and healthy social dance environment for everyone! We respectfully request that all patrons at Boston Swing Central refrain from using fragranced products before entering and while in the building as some of these products can cause adverse health effects for our dancers with fragrance sensitivities and allergies. While we recommend good hygiene and deodorant use, please take care to avoid highly fragranced personal care products such as cologne, perfume, aftershave lotions, scented lotions, and/or scented hair products. Our chemically-sensitive dancers thank you!

For those with peanut allergies, we do not regularly serve food except for our complimentary mints. We provide an assortment of candy during our Halloween and Valentine’s dances – some candy might have peanuts in them. We also might have peanut butter as a snack option at a late night exchange dance (Dirty Water, which is once a year).  Some patrons may bring a granola bar that has peanuts in it, and this could be in their bag.  If you are highly sensitive to peanuts please let us know and use caution.

For the rest of us, please be considerate of your fellow dancers and do not bring peanuts or peanut products for a snack.


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