Nov 13

You Are What You Eat

Category: dances

Hey good lookin’, what ya got cookin’?  Yes, it’s that time of year, when thoughts of turkey appear in our heads.  We’ve challenged our DJs to come up with their best swing songs about food.  Yes, there are many swings about food, like “Hey Sweet Potato” by Fats Waller (with a name like Fats, you gotta expect that he’d sing the praises of food, or at least use at as an analogy for a his sweet heart).   We’ll try not to overdo the theme tonight….there’s nothing worse then a slightly burned dance.  And it might make you more hungry than wanting to swing, but we’ll season the evenings proceedings by peppering the mix with some songs about food.  Okay, enough with the food references, we’ll save the rest for Friday night.


Boston Swing Central at Extreme Dancesport

288 Norfolk Street, 3rd floor

Cambridge, MA 02139


Lesson (included in the price of Admission): 8PM-9PM

Dancing: 9PM-12 Midnight

Admission: $10 General, $8 Students and Seniors (with Valid ID)

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