Jul 17

BSC Incorporation and New Venue Fund Raiser!

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If you missed us this last couple Fridays, well, we missed you too. But as promised, we’ll be back soon! And to help speed our return, we are doing this dance as a special event fund raiser to get some much needed cash for our incorporation, which requires us to carry some insurance and kickin’ new venue we’re moving to in late August/early September (which we hope to tell you about soon!).

We will be dancing tonight at the awesome facilities at Springstep in Medford. And to give you your bang for your buck, we’ll be running late until 2 AM.  And we’ve also convinced The Cangelosi Cards to come up from New York  to make it extra special. This band is amazing, they will delight you with their unique mix of Hot Club Jazz, Gypsy swing, and Blues. Most people leave their shows  swinging on a cloud with the bouncing chugga-chugga rhythms and the haunting trill of Tamar Korn’s mellifluous voice reverberating in their heads.

As this is a special event to raise money for the BSC, we will not have an active door list, accept passes, or discount cards on this night. We will also have a limited number of volunteer spots, and will not be able to offer reduced admission to angels. However, if you would like to angel for us anyway, please email Khrysti Smyth. We’ll also be holding a silent auction to raise some additional funds!

We hope with how hard we have worked to give back to the dance community, as many of you as possible will come out on this special night. We need you if we are going to continue to bring great dances to the Boston Community. So grab a friend…or two…or three…  and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

Lesson: 8-9pm

Dancing: 9pm-2am

Price: $20 General Admission, $15 Students and Seniors (with valid ID)


98 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155


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