May 15

What’s Buzzin’ Cousin?

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Don’t forget!  We’ll be returning to St Mary’s Orthodox church starting today — right around the corner at 8 Inman St (click to view a map). 

What’s Buzzin’ Cousin? A veritable catchphrase in swingology from the hepest of hepcats, Cab Calloway.  He coined the phrases that are now common place and with his Bugs Bunny grin lit up the screen in the Blues Brothers with his classic Minnie the Moocher…Cab is a true icon in American culture.  Tonight, Boston Swing Central is buzzin with his songs and his crazy hep to the jive vibe. Cmon out and get in the groove tonight!

Lesson 8-9pm / Dancing 9pm-12 midnight
$10 / $8 for students (with valid ID) and seniors
Boston Swing Central
St Mary’s Orthodox Church
8 Inman St, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

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