Feb 17

What do you teach in your lessons? East Coast or Lindy Hop? I’m confused- what’s the difference?

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In general, we teach East Coast Swing (ECS) or otherwise known as 6-count swing beginning basics in our lesson.  Occasionally our teachers will teach the 8-count basic, or Charleston basics.

ECS, or 6-count swing, is a subset of the Lindy Hop codified and proliferated by Arthur Murray dance studios.  Think of Arthur Murray as the McDonald’s of dancing…and East Coast swing as its hamburger.  Lindy Hop, the predominant form of swing dancing back in the ballrooms of Harlem in the 1930s was too complicated to learn in a simple lesson.  Arthur Murray recognized that the 6-count steps were an easier subset that could be taught easily in a hour or two, so he separated those steps out of Lindy Hop and tadaa!  East Coast Swing was born.

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