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Feb, 5 2022

Mid-January Update

We hope you’re staying warm during this very cold January. We’re still continuing to pause, so that everyone has a chance to get tested and boosted. We’re hoping that the number of cases comes down quickly in the next couple of weeks. We are canceling the January 21 planned dance. Right now, we hope to return sometime soon, as soon a we can. It’s been a really hard month over at Q Ballroom, they’re missing the revenue from our rentals, and their rent went up on January 1st. We will be holding a fundraiser for them. If you can and wish to help them out, donate via BSC here: paypal.me/bostonswingcentral (this may be tax-deductible, Boston Swing Central is a 501(c)3 non-profit).

We’re not quite sure what 2022 holds in store for all of us, but we are continuing to watch the news as it unfolds. We hope things keep improving over the next couple of weeks. If you wish to attend the dance in the future, we will be requiring the booster, or the 2nd dose of Moderna or Pfizer be administered by July 21, 2021 or more recently. If you had a single shot of J&J, you should’ve received the shot by November 21st or later. If you have the booster, and any of these 3 types of shots, the booster suffices for right now. And of course, the dance will be masked, we recommend getting a KN95, KF94 or N95 mask, as we will not be allowing cloth masks, gaiters and surgical masks.