Jul 21

Roaring Twenties Lawn Party at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate (SPECIAL EVENT)

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Come join us for a Boston Swing Central Field Trip! We’re taking our dance up to Castle Hill on the Crane Estate for our first vintage swing festival. And this is going to be humdinger of a Sunday afternoon! So pack your picnic, put on those glad rags and get in that jalopy and head up to Ipswich for the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party featuring Baby Soda with Tamar Korn, vintage fair and vintage attire contest, Ipswich Ale, Mill River Winery, Ipswich Shellfish Fish Company, dance performances and lessons all on the spacious and beautiful grounds of the Crane Estate.

There will also be vintage cars, croquet and bocce ball.

We hope that you can attend, experience and bring your energy to this event. The Lawn Party is something super special that we’ve been planning and working on since last November. You really really don’t want to miss this! We are hoping that the Crane Estate will be happy with the event and they’ll let us make the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party and annual occurrence. Tickets available at the Crane Estate on the day of the event. Gate opens at 2:30pm at the Castle Hill.

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