Mar 11

Coronavirus Information

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Boston Swing Central has resumed our Friday dances! 

Below are our current Covid Requirements for attending a dance:

  1. We now require a booster shot of either Pfizer or Moderna for all dance attendees. If you have not yet received a booster or are not eligible, we will require that your last shot be within 6 months of the date of the dance you are attending (for Pfizer or Moderna), and 3 months for a single shot of J&J.
  2. We also require a KN95, N95 or KF94 or a surgical mask, no cloth masks or gaiters.
  3. We request that all attendees plan accordingly before attending the dance. Out of consideration for all of our dance attendees, we ask that you plan to distance from social interaction with large crowds and unmasked individuals for 3-4 days before the dance, with a goal of avoiding inadvertent spread to our community. While we cannot enforce this, we consider it an honor system, knowing that this will allow us to continue running dances without putting our community members at greater risk.

We also offer a way to participate for those who cannot attend in-person dances, email and we can set you up with a virtual stream of the event in which you would like to attend.

If you have tested positive but you were/are fully vaccinated, but have not experienced any symptoms, then, based on CDC recommendations, you may return to the dance within 5 days after you have no symptoms.  If you have had any of the symptoms, please stay home, and come to the dance 5 days after you have fully recovered (no symptoms except maybe loss of smell/taste which can linger for couple of months).  We also recommend that after you have tested positive, get another PCR test and make sure you are negative before return.

All of the dances right now will be limited attendance capacity to allow for more space.  We also require all attendees to show proof of full vaccination and to wear masks the entire time they are in the venue (including while dancing!) We recommend testing your mask in advance to ensure that you are able to move and breathe in it without it falling down. In addition to required masking, we will have the windows open and the fans running throughout the event.  In the winter months, it might get a little chilly in there, we recommend bringing a sweater or sweatshirt that you can add or remove as necessary.

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a personal responsibility we all share, don’t go out unnecessarily.  So far, these policies have kept our community dancing!

Be safe, be well and happy dancing!

And as always, let us know your questions and concerns by contacting us at

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