Boston Swing Dance Studios & Dance Troops:

  • Boston Lindy Hop – Every Thursday in North Station. ┬áCheck out their schedule on their website to sign up for classes.
  • Hop to the Beat – Offer classes in Newton & Boston, they also run Beantown Swing Camp every summer, in addition to their own dance, Uptown Swing in Brookline.
  • Lindy Bomb Squad What’s not to love about a group of Lindy Hoppers who show up en masse and dance in public places? You can become one of them…

Boston Swing and Related Dances

    • Boston Balboa – Monthly Sunday afternoon dance right here in the Whistle stop!
    • Uptown Swing – Monthly Saturday dance.
    • Blues Union – Weekly Thursday blues dance
    • DanceNet – General Boston partner dance information and calendar.

Swing Discussion Boards

Swing Blogs: We love those wordy Lindy Hoppers!