Mar 11

Coronavirus Information

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Boston Swing Central has suspended the Friday dance until further notice. We all are anxiously watching the news regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and wondering when we will be able to start dancing together again.  We know everyone is probably going as stir crazy as we are. The latest news from the Governor of MA is that events with more than 25 people are not allowed.  So it will be some time before we’ll likely be able to start back up again.

In the meantime we recommend you do some solo dancing…

1)     If you don’t know shim sham, work on that.

Here’s the late great Frankie Manning along with Erin Stevens performing the shim sham.

Here’s a video from Denver’s Shauna Marble breaking the steps down

2) Work on your solo jazz, start with the Charleston, here’s LindyBeige’s explanation…

3) If you know all of the above, search youtube for some solo jazz which challenges you. Try squat Charleston or learn the Big Apple or the Tranky Doo.

4) If you don’t quite get the steps or have difficulty with any of these, search youtube for someone who makes more sense to you. If you really are frustrated or just need a little help or encouragement, we’re here for you. Email and we can do a google hangout to help you through one of these steps. We’d love to help you keep dancing through this social distancing time.

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a personal responsibility we all share, don’t go out unnecessarily. If we isolate ourselves now, we can all, hopefully, get through this faster and safer.

Be safe, be well and happy solo dancing!

And as always, let us know your questions and concerns by contacting us at

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